The Cat Fishin’ Rod - Operation, Play Tips & Techniques

Congratulations on your purchase of the Cat Fishin’ Rod!  It shows you care more than most about the mental and physical well-being of your feline family members, and want to enrich their lives with toys that satisfy their natural instincts to stalk, chase, pounce on and capture their prey.

By playing Cat Fishin’ with your cat for 10 or 15 minutes each day, you will create a strong bond and become even closer friends.

Important Notes

Figure 1 - Reel Tension & Lock Dials

Figure 1 - Reel Tension & Lock Dials

Lengthening the Line

Grasp the rod handle in your favored hand, then grab the line below the reel with your free hand and pull some out.  There should be a clicking noise as the reel unwinds, meaning the tension is set correctly ON (see reel tension and lock dials above). Then, with Critter end pointed down, give the rod a few shakes and let gravity do the work—or simply grab the Critter end with your free hand and pull the line through to the new length.

Figure 2 - Manually Lengthening a Line

Figure 2 - Manually Lengthening a Line

Shortening the Line

Reel the line in by turning the wooden crank handle AWAY from you — or counterclockwise — as you hold the rod out in front of you.  This may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s how true fly fishing reels operate.

Lengthening and Shortening the Line While Playing - Quick Method

You can quickly lengthen and shorten the line during play by grabbing it with your free hand below the reel, pulling it out and away from the rod—then releasing it when you want it longer again.

Avoiding Tangles

Although the special line on the Cat Fishin’ Rod is tangle-resistant, tangles become rare if you only pull out only as much line as you can control, and avoid raising the tip of the rod more than 45 degrees above the horizontal. The rod tip can be pointed downward at any angle during play—but playing with the tip up at extreme angles will cause the Critter to swing back and wrap the line around the rod.

Removing Line Tangles

Figure 3 - Opening the reel to remove tangled line

Figure 3 - Opening the Reel to Remove Tangled Line

Figure 4 - Reel Housing and Mechanisms (left), Spool (right)

Figure 4 - Reel Housing and Mechanisms (left), Spool (right)

Play Tips & Techniques:  “It’s In the Wrist”

To begin, hold the rod by grasping the handle in front of the reel, and pull out some line.  With the rod tip angled downward and using mainly your wrist action, sweep the Critter back and forth in a big arc along the floor.

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